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Weaving Tours

Textile Odysseys to the Most Creative Corners of the World!


When I am not weaving, I am busy discovering and exploring many unique corners of the world.  In my "real life,"  I own and operate an textile tour company, Loom Dancer Odysseys. We offer a variety of uncommon journeys for the fiber arts traveler throughout the world.  Each journey offered by Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys immerses the fiber enthusiast in the culture of the destinatinon as well as offer a hands-on opportunity to participate in various workshops of that country's textile tradition. 


Where You Can See & Buy My Weavings

My work is currently on display and for sale at Tierra Wools  in the village of Los Osos located in the scenic Chama Valley of  Northern New Mexico and Loom Dancers in Santa Fe.  



A Weaving is Worth a Thousand Words

I am often asked about the inspiration for my weavings.  Below I have described the "muse" for just of few of my weavings.  This page is a work in progress, as is my creative journey...

Pacha Mama: A Celebration of Mother Earth

24" x 42"

The Earth is a constant presence in our lives: walking through a beautiful forest, watching birds in flight; the symphony of crashing waves or the lullaby of a waterfall.  I have spent much time in South American and am fascinated by its lore.  In Ecuador and Peru, Earth Mother is given the Incan name Pacha Mama. 'Pacha' means Earth, Infinity, the Divine and the Sacred.  The Inca culture has always been intimately linked to the Earth.  There is a Quechan saying that 'wisdom comes through the soles of our feet.'  I dedicate this weaving to Pacha Mama.

Floating Between Worlds

17” x 24”

I have often rafted this magnificent stretch of the Colorado River outside of Moab, Utah.  Drifting below the towering red cliffs, full of ancient legends, feels like being wonderfully suspended between two wonderful worlds.



3’ x 5’

This weaving is dedicated to my mother, Bette Jane Mooney Sample,who taught me to find beauty in all things. "Imago” is the stage in a butterfly’s life when it forms functional wings.  Weaving this piece help to free me from my grief and continue on my weaving journey with new spirit and life.

Undaunted Spirit

24” x 42”

     This weaving is dedicated to all of the courageous Telluride Adaptavie Sport Program athletes whose hearts are filled with grace, and who inspire us all to live our lives fully, each day, with “undaunted spirit.”

      I had the profound honor of working with TASP participants in the horseback program and witness their remarkable bravery. 

     I incorporated feathers in the design as they are sacred symbols of honor in Native American lore and often used in healing practices.  The two shades of green express the athletes’ enviable zeal for growth despite challenge. Sangre embodies the valiant lifeblood fueling their journey.  Yellow illustrates the illumination of inspiration and encouragement they infuse in all of us, and indigo portrays the limitless horizon of hope and triumph.





Untamed Spirit


3’ x 5’


Today, as in ancient times, Native Americans give special recognition to the power of the animal spirits.  It is believed that the wisdom of each animal improves one’s connection to all of life and every creature has a different lesson to teach us about the healing of the body, mind and spirit.   The Horse is the symbol of power, grace, beauty and nobility. It teaches that real power comes from strength and wisdom.  It reminds us that it requires love and compassion to achieve this.




Before Fences

3’ x 5’

The Horse’s spirit also teaches us how to ride into new directions; to overcome obstacles and awaken our own freedom.  The Spirit Horse represents new journeys and is the symbol of the wind.   As the Horse teaches, discover your wild spirit that cannot be broken. Spread your wings and fly!






First Light Over Georgia’s Mountain

17” x 25”

Pedernal, a distinctive flat topped mountain in Northern New Mexico was a favorite subject of painter, Georgia O'Keeffe.  She once said "It's my private mountain, it belongs to me. God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it."   After her death in March, 1986, her assistant, Juan Hamilton, carried her ashes to the summit and cast them to the wind thus keeping a promise.

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