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Weaving Tours

Textile Odysseys to the Most Creative Corners of the World!


When I am not weaving, I am busy discovering and exploring many unique corners of the world.  In my "real life,"  I own and operate an textile tour company, Loom Dancer Odysseys. We offer a variety of uncommon journeys for the fiber arts traveler throughout the world.  Each journey offered by Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys immerses the fiber enthusiast in the culture of the destinatinon as well as offer a hands-on opportunity to participate in various workshops of that country's textile tradition. 


Where You Can See & Buy My Weavings

My work is currently on display and for sale at Tierra Wools  in the village of Los Osos located in the scenic Chama Valley of  Northern New Mexico and Loom Dancers in Santa Fe.  



About the Artist

Cari and Osa at home in Telluride CO
SAORI weaving beside the Colorado River in Moab UT

Cari Ann Sample-Malver 


Weaving for Cari represents a metaphor for life itself.  It is a time-honored art that intertwines the threads of ancient wisdom, sacred traditions, and contemporary design.   It is the taking of each thread of living and weaving it into a tapestry of unique design. 


Cari is an award-winning weaver in the Rio Grande Tradition brought to the Southwest by Spanish settlers in the 16th century.  This style of weaving is traditional to the people of the middle and upper Rio Grande valleys in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, where Cari makes her home.  It is a result of the interweaving of the Spanish, Mexican native, and the local Indian pueblo weaving cultures.  Cari’s handwoven creations include tapestries, landscapes, striped rugs and blankets, and contemporary designs created on a traditional large floor loom with the hand-dyed wool of Churro Sheep.  This wool, also traditional to the Southwest since the 1500’s, is hand-dyed using a variety of materials from the natural world. Cari finds the inspiration for her weaving in the spectacular landscapes of the Southwest with its towering peaks, desert vistas and vibrant colors which feeds her soul as well as the designs in her weavings. 


In her “real life,” Cari combines her passion for travel with the desire to foster a love and respect for the many peoples and textiles of the world.  As a result, she founded and operates Loom Dancer Odysseys, a global fiber arts tour company and Loom Dancers in Santa Fe, a local textile and arts workshop venue.  For the past eleven years, each tour and workshop has immersed fiber art enthusiasts into the culture of the destination with hands-on opportunities to work with local and indigenous artists.  Cari’s mission is to funnel money and resources back to these worldwide textile communities as a result of her tours and interactions.  


Cari is often asked how she came up with the name for her weaving business.  From the first time she threw the shuttle, she was enthralled with the weaving process.  She remarked to her classmates that is was like "dancing on the loom." When she began weaving in earnest, Cari felt that this was the only name that captures the joy she experiences as she pursues her passion.

Cari finds the inspiration for her weaving in the mystical and magical surroundings of the Southwest.  Whether it is the majestic mountains or the vivid colors of the desert landscapes; the limitless shapes of the weathered rocks or dreamy twilight skies, it all feeds her soul as well as the designs in her weavings.


Cari is interested in promoting weaving and is involved in many fiber arts related organizations.  She was the Co-Vice President of the San Juan Weaving Guild of Montrose, CO and a member of the Intermountain Weavers Conference, Handweavers Guild of America, and the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center.


In her free time, Cari enjoys riding her horse, skiing, hiking and of course, traveling anywhere and everywhere.

Cari is often off busy discovering and exploring many unique corners of the world.  In her "real life,"  she owns and operates an adventure travel company, NatureQuest. They offer a variety of uncommon journeys for the active traveler throughout the world that focus on the culture, wildlife and indigineous peoples of this planet.


Cari decided to use this expertise to offer unique travel experiences around the world to adventurous weavers.  Each journey offered by Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys immerses the weaver in the culture of the destinatinon as well as offer a hands-on opportunity to actually weave in that country's tradition.

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