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Weaving Tours

Textile Odysseys to the Most Creative Corners of the World!


When I am not weaving, I am busy discovering and exploring many unique corners of the world.  In my "real life,"  I own and operate an textile tour company, Loom Dancer Odysseys. We offer a variety of uncommon journeys for the fiber arts traveler throughout the world.  Each journey offered by Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys immerses the fiber enthusiast in the culture of the destinatinon as well as offer a hands-on opportunity to participate in various workshops of that country's textile tradition. 


Where You Can See & Buy My Weavings

My work is currently on display and for sale at Tierra Wools  in the village of Los Osos located in the scenic Chama Valley of  Northern New Mexico and Loom Dancers in Santa Fe.  



My Weavings

I am trained in the Rio Grande (Hispanic) tradition of weaving brought to the Southwest by Spanish settlers in the 16th century.  This style of weaving is traditional to the people of the middle and upper Rio Grande valleys in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, where I make my home.  This style actually derives from the interweaving of the Spanish, Mexican native, and the local Indian pueblo weaving cultures.  I also weave in the SAORI tradition founded in Japan.

Most of my work is woven with the wool from the Navajo Churro Sheep which is also a Southwestern tradition.  The Churro is an ancient breed of sheep from the Zamora Province of Spain and was brought to the area by the Spaniards in the 1500's.  Their wool is prized by many weavers because the Churro produce a variety of natural colors. 


Most of the wool that I work with is hand-dyed in the time-honored tradition of dying in pots filled with a vast variety of materials from the natural world.   The result is hundreds of shades of rich colors.


I find my inspiration in the spectacular landscapes surrounding me ~the  towering peaks, desert vistas and vibrant colors of the Southwest.  I invite you to take a look at  my work.  I hope that you find something that brings you as much happiness as I found in weaving it.


Winner of Judge’s Choice Award

Intermountain Weavers Conference July, 2013


Old Soul

17” x 24”


Oh, what a tree can teach us! 

 It is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom. 

while steadfastly reaching upwards to the heavens in search of light. 

The tree offers oxygen for the very breath of life;

shelter for our bodies and beauty for our souls. 

It gives song to the wind and sways in its dance of life. 

Withstanding storms, it provides hope and protection. 

Trees are a reminder that growth need never cease

and that life is full of wonder. 

A Celebration of the Southwest

SAORI, Weaving Without Boundaries

After learning the art of SAORI weaving on Salt Spring Island last July, I have become enamored with this style.  Created by Misao Jo in Japan in 1969, SAORI is a pure celebration of color and fiber.  It is known as the Zen of weaving as there are no rules and no mistakes; only a journey of self-discovery.  That is certainly a far cry from tapestry weaving. I find myself dabbling in SAORI more and more and find that doing both tapestry and SAORI is a very fulfilling blend of styles.  Here is my latest SAORI weaving inspired by the colors of Salt Spring Island embellished with sea treasures I have collected over the years. 


A Sampling of my Work

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