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Weaving Tours

Textile Odysseys to the Most Creative Corners of the World!


When I am not weaving, I am busy discovering and exploring many unique corners of the world.  In my "real life,"  I own and operate an textile tour company, Loom Dancer Odysseys. We offer a variety of uncommon journeys for the fiber arts traveler throughout the world.  Each journey offered by Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys immerses the fiber enthusiast in the culture of the destinatinon as well as offer a hands-on opportunity to participate in various workshops of that country's textile tradition. 


Where You Can See & Buy My Weavings

My work is currently on display and for sale at Tierra Wools  in the village of Los Osos located in the scenic Chama Valley of  Northern New Mexico and Loom Dancers in Santa Fe.  




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Handwoven Original Tapestries


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When we engage in fiber arts,
we are creating something,
but we are also participating in historic traditions
tens of thousands years old.
You are not only making art for your soul
and for future generations,
you are embodying the work of our ancestors.
The Woven Road


My Journey

Weaving for me represents a metaphor for life itself.  It is a time-honored art that intertwines the threads of ancient wisdom, sacred traditions and contemporary design.   It is the taking of each thread of living and weaving it into a tapestry of unique design. 

Weaving is the art of creation and letting go.  It is the celebration of the imperfections that result from any endeavor that comes from the soul.  For me, it is about learning to trust oneself, the process and the evolving design.  Weaving is working on overcoming the obstacles of self-doubt, frustration and fear and moving forward in faith, trusting the creative outcome .

Weaving has given me a creative outlet to express my joy with a celebration of color.  It has offered me healing in times of deep grief.   Ultimately, weaving allows me to celebrate artistically the endless beauty that embraces us all.

My Work...

I have been fortunate to be trained in the art of weaving at Tierra Wools in Northern New Mexico and Flying Colors Studio in Taos.  Here I have been taught to weave in the Rio Grande Tradition which dates back over four centuries.   My weaving styles include tapestry, striped rugs and blankets, landscapes and abstract designs. 

 I am honored to present you with an overview of my weaving.  You can also contact me directly.   I hope that you find something that meets your taste! 

Can I Create A Weaving Especially For You?

Are you looking for an original piece of artwork for your home or office?  I would be happy to weave a unique piece for you ~ you choose the colors, the wool, the design and style.  It's that easy...  you will have a one-of-a-kind treasure you have helped to create.  


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